New Horizones: the 2022 Festival

Public sales start on 24.3.

Horizons are and always will be places of yearning, places that we fill with our hopes and expectations.This is why the Festival’s maiden voyage under new artistic direction was all about the spirit of discovery, the desire to embark on a new journey, the need to broaden our own horizons. And yet horizons are aware of safe harbours from which they can be seen, of traditions that never venture overboard because they offer security. Because of this we felt compelled to combine new ideas with the tried and tested. Ultimately, horizons simply and (very) poignantly symbolize moments of overwhelming beauty. They can affect us anywhere and unexpectedly – in a concert, for example. New Horizons, the Göttingen International Handel Festival 2022, was brimming with just these kinds of “moments made for our ears”. And we kindly welcome you to (re)discover your own personal ones!

The Programme

For the very first time, we aimed to bring Handel’s music to the entire city and with events such as Good morning George!, the Lunch Concerts and Café George, performed it in unexpected locations. We were also endowing our göttinger händel competition with a new special prize for innovative concert programs tailored to new concert venues in the region. As a member of the European funding program EEEmerging+, we gazed into the future as we presented the ensembles in Göttingen and Southern Lower Saxony that have been accepted into the funding program.

Of course, our luggage included everything that has always characterized the Göttingen International Handel Festival and served as the basis for our programming: high-caliber concerts, outstanding artists such as Julia Lezhneva, Václav Luks and the NDR Vocal Ensemble, academics and professionals in dialogue, dramatic works and small-scale formats and, above all: George Frideric Handel and his music. 100 years following the premiere of Giulio Cesare at the Göttingen Handel Festival, the opera was presented in a co-production with the Nederlandse Reisopera, directed and conducted by George Petrou.