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FestspielOrchester Göttingen

an ensemble that forms a perfect whole

Brockes-Passion is one of Handel’s lesser-known works, although performances are becoming more frequent in recent years. One can hardly imagine a better performance than that at Göttingen this year [2017]. [...] The always excellent FOG surpassed themselves, with the most subtle attentive reading by conductor Laurence Cummings.” (Sandra Bowdler, Handel News, Nr. 70)

When once a year Laurence Cummings summons the players of the FestspielOrchester Göttingen – also affectionately known as FOG – something very remarkable happens. Coming from a host of different countries, these specialists in historical performance practice can hardly wait to make music together again, as is immediately apparent to audiences. Critics praise the ensemble for their great range of tonal colour and light, flexible and sensuous sound. This results from the FOG players harmonising so well – musically and in general. In the evenings at the hotel where they stay, there is often spontaneous music-making and conviviality well into the night.

Photo top by Alciro Theodoro da Silva, photo right by Frank Stefan Kimmel.

FestspielOrchester Göttingen 2018

Elizabeth Blumenstock (Leader)
Lisa Weiss (Principal)
Catherine Aglibut
Barbara Altobello
Sara DeCorso
Ana Liz Ojeda Hernandez
Anne Schumann
Christoph Timpe
Milos Valent
Henning Vater
Wolfgang von Kessinger
Gabrielle Wunsch

Klaus Bundies (Principal)
Gregor DuBuclet
Dáša Valentova
Aimée Versloot

Phoebe Carrai (Principal)
Leonhard Bartussek
Markus Möllenbeck
Kathrin Sutor
Jarek Thiel

Double bass
Paolo Zuccheri (Principal)
Mauro Zavagno

Hanneke van Proosdij
Kristin Linde

Transverse flute
Kate Clark
Brian Berryman

Susanne Regel
Kristin Linde

Rhoda Patrick
Stephan von Hoff

Pierre-Antoine Tremblay
Gijs Laceulle

David Staff
Russell Gilmour
Rupprecht Drees

Rob van der Sterren

David Tayler

Hanneke van Proosdij

Martina Fiedler
Evelyn Laib