Hall of Fame

The "Lokhallentag"

A whole day of music for everyone! We will be filling the large Lokhalle with singers and musicians, creative concert formats, soft and thundering sounds. The open spaces of the old industrial building will become host to a large-scale festival of music.

We are designing this special day as a triad for all senses. It begins with the event “Spotlight on!”, where you can discover the vastness of the hall by walking through several concert stations. In the afternoon, our Semele opera production will take over the big screen. In Hall 3, we will feature the premiere of the Festival with a narrated screening. And finally, the “Concert in the Dark” rounds off this day of music. To make it a true celebration for everyone, we are offering the first two events of the day free of charge.

Spotlight on!

Moderated musical exploration tour

11 am & 1:30 pm | Free of charge!

An exploratory tour in the morning kicks off the day. For this tour, we will first switch off the lights: Passing through the darkened expanse of the large Lokhalle, the path leads us along massive steel beams, past barren brick walls to an illuminated concert site. There, the first ensemble of the day will await you. In the dark expanse, there is no doubt that other ensembles are also expecting you. But how many of them are there, and what will you be listening to? In the truest sense of the term, we shine the focused spotlights on specific concert sites within the dark hall. Brilliant voices, shimmering strings and radiant wind instruments are there to be discovered. They resonate where loud hammering, steam locomotive work and hard labor used to take place. What a contrast between raw industry and refined music! The short tour takes you to various concert stations, but you won't be alone. Host Juri Tetzlaff will guide and entertain you through the program and the hall. Of course, we won't tell you in advance what there is to discover. That way, you can immerse yourself in the sound intuitively and without preconceived ideas. Just this much: you may have already encountered one or two of the musicians during the Festival.

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Opera on the Big Screen

Semele for everyone!

4 pm | Free of charge!

For newcomers to opera, our Public Screening might just be the thing: this big-screen experience provides a low-threshold introduction into the opera game. Evening dress and hefty prices are done away with here and are substituted by the more familiar feel of going to the movies. Fantasy fans get their money's worth the moment gods, dragons and phoenixes fly across the screen. The “movie” experience is hosted by our moderator, who guides the audience through the evening in an entertaining and informative way. A must for anyone who would like to discover both cinema and opera in a slightly unconventional way.

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Concert in the Dark

Looking with your ears

9 pm | 39 €, red. 25 €

Looking with your ears – that's what this concert is all about. After all, our auditory sense is transformed when we don't see anything: sounds seem intensified, they guide us in the darkness. Our ears become sharpened, every sound becomes an experience. The music evokes an even stronger image in the mind's eye. The collective listening experience also takes on an even more vivid quality.
You can expect a colourful program. Different ensembles will perform. But we will treat the details like a secret to facilitate absolute impartiality. At the entrance we will blindfold you and lead you safely to your seat. Then the first notes will be heard as if out of nowhere. Perhaps a string quartet? Or are they human voices? What can at first seem daunting unfolds into a consciousness-expanding experience, a game of mind and imagination.

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