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Handel Festival:
Spirit and History

International Handel Festival: the Baroque music event since 1920

The Göttingen International Handel Festival was brought into being in 1920, making it one of the world’s oldest festivals for Baroque music. Out of their enthusiasm for the music of Handel, local people began reviving his operas in all their glory, setting in motion a movement that is known throughout the world as the ‘Göttingen Handel Renaissance’. The Handel Festival, still firmly rooted in the municipality, delights music fans of all ages, as well as attracting those who are simply curious to experience the special Festival atmosphere.

The spirit of the Handel Festival

Surprise people; delight them; inspire them: we open up the unforgettable music of George Frideric Handel, making it accessible and perceptible to all – in projects for children, young people and adults. We bring together artists and devotees from far and wide in Göttingen and we foster lively discussion on, and engagement with, Handel and Baroque music. We offer events meeting the highest standards of historical performance practice and bring Handel’s oeuvre, rich as it is in emotional power and striking contrasts, closer to people’s lives. For Handel fascinates his audiences today, just as it did when he was a star of his times.