May 12–22, 2022

Centenary Celebrations!

Anniversary 2020

100 years of the Göttingen International Handel Festival: a momentous event is already casting its shadow. With the revival of Rodelinde, citizens of Göttingen awakened Händel’s operas from their almost-200-year slumbers, thus kickstarting a movement that even today is renowned worldwide as the ‘Göttingen Handel Renaissance’.

The idea of the founder Oskar Hagen and his allies is nowadays bearing more fruit than ever before. And so every year anew, we render George Frideric Handel’s unforgettable music experientially accessible for everyone – in projects for children, young people and adults. In Göttingen, we bring together creative artists and fans from all over the world, fostering a vibrant engagement with baroque music in general and Handel in particular. We communicate Handel’s oeuvre to the public in all its authenticity, with all its emotive power and all its vivid contrasts. Because Handel’s spellbinding appeal is just as potent today as it was in the 18th century, when he was one of his era’s stars.

We have planned the programme for the anniversary year of 2020 long in advance. We wanted to offer you, our audience, all 42 operas in a broad spectrum of different formats: staged, in concert mode, as jazz arrangements, puppet theatre, film or reading. All this in the city’s and region’s sumptuous venues, both roofed-over and open-air, featuring the major stars of the baroque scene and magnificently talented newcomers. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel the festival for this year and postpone it to the next, the 101st year of the festival's history. We want to present you as much of the planned programme as possible next year. Stay tuned!

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