Listening samples

To whet your appetite?

As you look forward to the forthcoming International Handel Festival you can listen in to our much-lauded recordings. Do you prefer Handel as a composer of imposing and monumental works, or perhaps as the more complex artist, or as the creator of intimately tender music? Allow yourself to be inspired by our audio samples and revel in Vorfreude for performances to come!

Agrippina · 2015

Io di Roma il Giove sono (Claudio)
CD 3, Track 14

Otton, Voi Che Udite ... (Ottone)
CD 2, Track 18

Vaghe perle, eletti fiori (Poppea)
CD 1, Track 16

Pensieri voi mi tormentate (Agrippina)
CD 3, Track 01

Faramondo · 2014

Aria Faramondo (CD 1, Track 26)

Aria Faramondo (CD 2, Track 7)

Aria Clotilde (CD 2, Track 9)

Aria Adolfo (CD 2, Track 11)

Aria Gernando (CD 2, Track 15)

Siroe · 2013

Aria Siroe (CD 1, Track 11)

Aria Medarse (CD 2, Track 9)

Aria Emira (CD 2, Track 17)

Aria Cosroe (CD 3, Track 4)

Aria Laodice (CD 3, Track 12)