Georg Friedrich & Georg Ludwig

Handel at the Hanover Court

7:30 pm | May 21st, 2022 | ~ 100 min
St. Blasius-Kirche, Hann. Münden

When Handel took up his post as Churhannover Capellmeister in 1710, the capital not only became his springboard to British shores, where he would drop anchor for the rest of his life, but its multifaceted music scene also provided him with a source of inspiration for his musical work.

For instance, his predecessor Agostino Steffani was pivotal in Handel's exploration of the genre of chamber duets, for which he wrote numerous works in Hanover. And through his function as director of the French-influenced court orchestra, as well as through the works of his predecessor and successor Jean-Baptiste Farinel and his pupil Francesco Venturini, Handel became familiar with the French style, which was so important for his musical development. It is already evident in the overture to Rinaldo (HWV 7a). In its program, La festa musicale takes us into this rarely illuminated period of Handel's career, positions his work in the context of his contemporaries in the music of the royal court and forges a bridge from Italy via Germany to Great Britain.

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Georg Friedrich Händel: Sinfonia g-Moll from Agrippina (HWV 6)
Francesco Venturini: from Sonata op. 1 Nr. 9 g-Moll
Giuseppe Torelli: Concerto op. 6 Nr. 8 F-Dur from Concerti musicali
Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto Nr. 1 B-Dur (HWV 312)
Francesco Venturini: Sonata op. 1 Nr. 2 a-Moll from Concerti di camera


Jean-Baptiste Farinel: Suite g-Moll
Georg Friedrich Händel: Ouvertüre from Rinaldo (HWV 7a)
Francesco Venturini: Sonata op. 1 Nr. 11 B-Dur


04.30 pm, Deutsches Theater Göttingen

la festa musicale

Hygiene rules

Please understand that New Horizons, the Göttingen Int. Handel Festival 2022, will be held in accordance with the 3G rule – vaccinated, recovered or tested on the day! Masks (minimum protection level FFP2 or equivalent) must be worn until you take your seat. We also strongly recommend to keep the masks on during the entire event.