Recap 2022

Good Morning, George!

9:00 am | May 13th, 2022
St. Jacobi-Kirche

To let the bells ring stands for: To learn something by innuendo, or to learn something but not know anything for certain. In the case of Good Morning, George! the secrecy has undoubtedly been intentional so far; now it's time to let the cat out of the bag as to which performance the new mini-concert series will introduce the second day of the festival with. And indeed, this introduction is a ringing in: At 9.00 a.m. the carillon of St. Jacobi's Church will ring out, operated by the bell-ringer Ernst Puschmann. Dr Ernst Puschmann, to be precise. For those who want to deepen their musical morning greeting: the chemist has dedicated an entire, scientifically based book to his passion; it is called Die Glocken von St. Jacobi: historisch, physikalisch, musikalisch. So there's something to be said for not knowing anything for sure: here you can find out everything at first hand!

This event is free of charge!

Ernst Puschmann – Chimes

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