Händel & Hendrix

B’Rock Orchestra & Dorothee Oberlinger

5:00 pm | May 15th, 2022 | ca. 100 min
PS.Halle, Einbeck

Since 2016, the "Handel & Hendrix in London"-Museum located in London's Mayfair district has been commemorating the neighbourhood of two musical greats who lived here some 200 years apart: Jimi Hendrix and George Frideric Handel. This year, they will also join forces at the Göttingen International Handel Festival. The American lutenist and composer Lee Santana reworked Hendrix's music and lyrics - such as the protest song "If 6 was 9" - into new compositions. Juxtaposed with these are Handel's famous organ concertos, which echo the aspect of improvisation that is also central to Hendrix's musical style. The selected arias from Handel's Messiah and Belshazzar (incidentally, recordings of both works can be found in Hendrix's record collection), conversely, address central political aspects (also) in the Woodstock era: war and peace.

A bus transfer to the venue can be booked separately when purchasing tickets!


Georg Friedrich Händel: Ouverture from Messiah (HWV 56)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Konzert Nr. 5 F-Dur (HWV 293)
Jimi Hendrix: Little Wing
Georg Friedrich Händel: Konzert Nr. 1 F-Dur „Der Kuckuck und die Nachtigall“ (HWV 295)
Jimi Hendrix: If 6 was 9
Georg Friedrich Händel: Destructive War from Belshazzar (HWV 61)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Konzert Nr. 6 B-Dur (HWV 294) für Harfe und Orchester
Jimi Hendrix: Night Bird Flying
Georg Friedrich Händel: Tu del ciel from Il trionfo del tempo della verità (HWV 71)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto Nr. 5 D-Dur (HWV 323)

B’Rock Orchestra

Dmitry Sinkovsky
Countertenor, violin

Maximilian Ehrhardt

Lee Santana
Theorbo, electric guitar

Sebastian Wienand
Chamber organ

Dorothee Oberlinger
Musical director, Recorde

Hygiene rules

Please understand that New Horizons, the Göttingen Int. Handel Festival 2022, will be held in accordance with the 3G rule – vaccinated, recovered or tested on the day! Masks (minimum protection level FFP2 or equivalent) must be worn until you take your seat. We also strongly recommend to keep the masks on during the entire event.