Recap 2022

Mr Handel in the Pub

Along the fine line between baroque and folk

7:30 pm | May 14th, 2022 | ca. 90 min
Burg Hardeg, Hardegsen

Sometimes everything fits together perfectly: the location, the programme - even the weather. The very first weekend of the festival brought such a rare interplay: I Zefirelli met "Mr. Händel in the Pub" and proved how well folk and baroque go together, with a feeling for the magic (surprise) moment. And no ambience would have been more fitting than the Muthaus at Hardegsen Castle.

It's lucky that Frank Stefan Kimmel captured this event in photoshoptastic fashion. And lucky that we have such a great, careful and loyal partner at our side in the Kulturinitiaive Hardegsen. In this way, a very heartfelt thank you for the magical cooperation!


Traditional: Suite I from The English Dancing Master
Henry Purcell: Hornpipe e-Moll from The Old Bachelor (Z 608)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Sonate F-Dur (HWV 405)
Arcangelo Corelli: La Follia op. 5 Nr. 12 g-Moll
Georg Friedrich Händel: Dalla guerra amorosa (HWV 102a)
Traditional: Suite II from The Englisch Dancing Master


Georg Friedrich Händel: Air (Hornpipe) d-Moll (HWV 461)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Sonate d-Moll (HWV 367a)
Nicola Matteis: Ground after the Scotch Humour from Other Ayres and Pieces
Traditional: Suite

Ensemble I Zefirelli

Jereon Finke
Baritone, percussion

Luise Catenhusen

María Carrasco Gil

Jakob Kuchenbuch

Tobias Tietze

Tillmann Albrecht

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