Conversation Concert with Christian Rieger

3:00 pm | May 14th, 2022 | ca. 100 min
St. Aegidien-Marktkirche, Osterode am Harz

Christian Rieger, internationally sought-after virtuoso and professor for historical keyboard instruments at the Folkwang University of the Arts, performs his program “All sorts of things from a simple figured bass”. In the moderated concert, he dazzles the audience with his virtuoso and highly musical improvisational skills and introduces them to the world of partimento, the practice of solo basso continuo playing that has its roots in the 17th century and is associated with improvisational performance. Here, out of notated bass lines with more or less numbers, new musical realms emerge, or as Johann Mattheson aptly puts it in his Little Thorough Bass School: “The visible material of the figured bass are thus figured basic notes / through which the invisible sounds are suggested.”

A bus transfer to the venue can be booked separately when purchasing tickets!


Fedele Fenaroli: Übungen und Partimenti from Partimenti ossia Bassi numerati Secondo la scuola de’ Conservatorij di Napoli
Francesco Durante: Partimento primo modo d-Moll
Alessandro Scarlatti: Partimento D-Dur
Bernardo Pasquini: Sonate C-Dur
Bernardo Pasquini: Sonate d-Moll
Bernardo Pasquini: Fuga in Basso continuo


Johann Pachelbel: Präludium und Fuge C-Dur
Johann Pachelbel: Präludium und Fuge d-Moll
Georg Friedrich Händel: Partimento (Pedal point) und Fuge G-Dur from Lessons for Princess Anne
Gottfried Kirchhoff: Präludium und Fuge C-Dur from L’ABC Musical
Johann Sebastian Bach: Präludium und Fughetta B-Dur (BWV 907)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Präludium und Fughetta D-Dur (BWV 908)

Christian Rieger