Recap 2023

Café George

Ensemble Masques

Café George 2022 | Weinhandlung Bremer © Frank Stefan Kimmel
3:00 pm | May 28th, 2023 | ~ 80 min
Forum Wissen Göttingen

Drawing upon the tradition of the “Zimmermannische Caffe-Hauß” in Leipzig, our Café George pairs talk-concerts with coffee and cake. In the museum café Liesels at the Forum Wissen, our Managing Director Jochen Schäfsmeier invites his guests to introduce themselves with musical selections, followed by a question and answer session. While you enjoy your coffee, the background to the works and reasons behind the artists' choice of program will be revealed. Invited guests will include PRISMA, members of the FestspielOrchester and Ensemble Masques. You are invited too, of course, if you fancy a piece of cake.

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