Recap 2023

Concert in the Dark

Hall of Fame | Lokhallentag

© Alcira Theodora Da Silva
9:00 pm | May 27th, 2023 | ~ 75 min

Looking with your ears – that's what this concert is all about. After all, our auditory sense is transformed when we don't see anything: sounds seem intensified, they guide us in the darkness. Our ears become sharpened, every sound becomes an experience. The music evokes an even stronger image in the mind's eye. The collective listening experience also takes on an even more vivid quality.

You can expect a colourful program. Different ensembles will perform. But we will treat the details like a secret to facilitate absolute impartiality. At the entrance we will blindfold you and lead you safely to your seat. Then the first notes will be heard as if out of nowhere. Perhaps a string quartet? Or are they human voices? What can at first seem daunting unfolds into a consciousness-expanding experience, a game of mind and imagination

Shawn Grocott Programming, Direction

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