Recap 2023

Ex Silentio

Nymphs and other myths

7:30 pm | May 28th, 2023 | ~ 100 min

Who knows: maybe a real nymph will stray into this concert? An encounter with these graceful natural spirits would be quite the experience! In any case, a mystical experience is guaranteed with the performance of the Greek ensemble Ex Silentio.
Soprano Fanie Antonelou will sing of nymphs from the Cretan sea: the completely unknown composer Frate Cherubino Cavallino wrote nine monodies about them at the beginning of the 17th century. The other composers in the first half of the concert are also absolutely new discoveries. Their Neapolitan songs from the 16th century take us back to a time when Crete was still part of the Republic of Venice. The second half continues from there and brings us to Handel, who wrote these three solo cantatas in Rome during his academic travels through Italy. Perhaps he saw a nymph in the Mediterranean at the time?

Werke von Leondaritis, Cavallino, de Laudis, Padovano und Händel

Bustransfer: 5.15 pm

Guided Tour: 6 pm
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