Recap 2023

Felix Klieser & Göttinger Symphonieorchester

© Julia Wesely
7:45 pm | May 24th, 2023 | ~ 100 min

This year, Handel's music will be juxtaposed and enriched with the music of Greece. The Göttinger Symphonieorchester under principal conductor Nicholas Milton performs an artfully interwoven program par excellence. Even if the two musical worlds seem completely unrelated at first glance, upon closer inspection, surprising parallels shine through – such as the rhythmic dance-like quality in the music of Nikos Skalkottas and in the buoyant “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, a short orchestral piece from Handel's oratorio Solomon. Where there is no common ground, the contrasts stand out all the more clearly, lending a strong radiance to the idiosyncrasies. This is also guaranteed by hornist Felix Klieser, who lights up the solo parts, be it in the arranged Handel arias or in Strauss' first, highly imaginative horn concerto.

Händel Arien bearbeitet für Horn und Streichorchester

Händel / arr. Beecham The Faithful Shepherd

Strauss Horn-Konzert Nr. 1

Skalkottas Fünf griechische Tänze

Theodorakis Oedipus Tyrannos

Felix Klieser Horn

Göttinger Symphonieorchester

Nicholas Milton Musical Director

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