Recap 2023


filoBarocco © Gwenaelle Colin
3:00 pm | May 21st, 2023 | ~ 100 min
Stadthalle Osterode

Do you play the lottery? If you put your luck in numbers, you're part of a long tradition. Even the ancient Greeks believed in the higher significance of numbers, with one being particularly sacred to them: the number four. This gave rise to the term “tetraktys”, coined by the Pythagoreans. It describes the fact that the first four numbers added together equal ten.
Drawing on this mystical concept, the filoBarocco ensemble explores the roots of Western harmony. After all, it was Pythagoras who explored the vibration of a string and thus created the theoretical basis for distinguishing between consonance and dissonance.

In this concert, theory becomes a sensory experience: filoBarocco performs a compelling interplay of baroque movements along with Greek dances, monodies and fantasies. And demonstrates what blissful symbioses can arise when music and mathematics are skillfully combined.

Ouvertüre, Suite und Fantasien über griechische Melodien

Händel Sonaten (HWV 389, 390 a, 398, 399)

Bustransfer: 1.30 pm


Chöre der Musikgemeinde Osterode am Harz e. V.

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