Recap 2023


Ase me! - Let me!

FisFüz © Ellen Schmauss
7:30 pm | May 20th, 2023 | ~ 100 min
Burg Hardeg, Hardegsen

Whoever is looking to familiarize themselves with all the different facets of the Greek music scene should definitely not miss out on rebetiko. Subtle, melancholic and enigmatic, it was the music of refugees in the last century. They told of their fates, sang of love, drugs and jail. Expelled from their home in Izmir and other places in Asia Minor, they were not welcome strangers even in the Greek port cities where they sought shelter. With their songs, accompanied by a wide variety of plucked instruments, they questioned bourgeois life and sought solace in joyful dances. A very unique kind of music evolved, influenced by Turkish and Greek culture.

Eleanna Pitsikaki and Murat Coşkun sing classics from the rebetiko tradition bilingually in their respective native languages and reinterpret them – together with Annette Maye on clarinet, a long-standing performer with Coşkun in the duo FisFüz.

Songs of flight and new beginnigs, inspired by rebetiko

Bustransfer: 6.15 pm

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Annette Maye Clarinet

Eleanna Pitsikaki Qanun, voice

Murat Coşkun Percussion, voice

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