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Jeanine De Bique

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5:00 pm | May 29th, 2023 | ~ 2 h

A glamorous voice, a fantastic orchestra – bam, the glitter gala is a done deal. Or is it? Not with Jeanine De Bique and Concerto Köln! They dare to look beyond the gala curtain, tackle specific opera characters and invite the audience to new perspectives.You might be familiar with Handel's opera Alcina? Did you know, however, that the now unknown Riccardo Broschi had already written a similar opera seven years earlier? There is an aria by both baroque composers with the title, “Mi restano le lagrime” – “Only tears remain to me”, and they are also musically similar. In both arias, the notes flow deeply and sadly, the beautiful melodies instantly tug at the heartstrings.

Whether overture or aria, whether the subject is the mythical city foundress Partenope, or Rodelinda, the Queen in Lombardy, Empress Agrippina or Giulio Cesare: Jeanine De Bique and Concerto Köln always juxtapose Handel's version with that of another composer. As a result, character mosaics emerge which consist of single parts from different origins. This evokes speculation, awe and comparison. The idea behind this program stems from the bass-baritone Yannis François. He describes it as a gaze into a broken mirror.

“Mirrors” is also the name of Jeanine De Bique's debut album, which she released last year. The CD was already a testament to the strong programmatic approach behind her concert. She is audibly inspired by the bold female opera characters. Their strength, forgiveness and love can be effortlessly depicted in sound by Jeanine De Bique's voice. The celebrated soprano hails from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and studied piano as well as voice at the renowned Manhattan School of Music in New York. From there she has conquered the great stages as far as Vienna, where she breathes new life into intoxicatingly beautiful roles from Handel to Wagner to Arvo Pärt. Soul is poured into sparkling operatic lustre – all the more so when it's a gala.

Händel aus Partenope, Rodelinda, Rodrigo, Alcina, Agrippa & Giulio, Cesare in Egitto

Graun Arien aus Rodelinda & Cleopatra e Cesare

Vinci Sinfonia aus Partenope

Telemann aus Germanicus

Jeanine De Bique Soprano

Concerto Köln

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