Recap 2023

Good Morning, George!

9:00 am | May 26th, 2023
St. Jacobi-Kirche

When you think of the Göttingen International Handel Festival, images of grand opera productions, international stars in oratorios, and gala concerts come to mind. But there is much more to discover beyond the Festival highlights: small to large scale concert formats are popping up all over the city in celebration of Handel's music! The day begins with Handel early in the morning, when a carillon from the church tower of St. Jacobi rings out over the rooftops of Göttingen almost every morning.

Further performances

19.5. | 9.00 am
St. Jacobi-Kirche

23.5. | 9.00 am
St. Jacobi-Kirche

24.5. | 9.00 am
St. Jacobi-Kirche

25.5. | 9.00 am
St. Jacobi-Kirche

Admission free

Ernst Puschmann

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