Recap 2023

Between Myth and History

Handel's difficult path to ancient Greece

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10:00 am | May 20th, 2023 | ~ 4 h
Forum Wissen Göttingen

At this year's symposium, renowned scholars will address the subject of the reception of antiquity in the Baroque era. Greek myth and scenes from Greek history also figured in George Frideric Handel's operas and oratorios. In order to contextualize his own unique approach to antiquity, the symposium will first focus on two cultural regions that were of significance to Handel: Rome and London. Subsequently, specific works from the genres of opera and oratorio will be illuminated more closely.

10 am
Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken, Zürich

Griechische Mythologie in Rom um 1700
10.15 am
Prof. Dr. Florian Mehltretter, München

Griechische Antike und englischer Sensualismus
11.00 am
Dr. Ina Knoth, Hamburg

Antike im Oratorium um 1740
(Semele / Hercules)

12.15 am
Mag. Dr. Elena Abbado, Wien

Späte Opern:
Arianna in Creta und Alcesta

13.00 am
Prof. Dr. Panja Mücke, Mannheim

Admission free

The symposium is held in German.

The lectures at the Symposium will appear in the Göttinger Händel-Beiträge series of publications.

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