Recap 2023

Rolling George

© Marco Buehl
10:30 am | May 13th, 2023 | ~ 30 min

When George is rolling, the Handel Festival is on tour! This is because the Rolling George is actually a truck that turns into a concert stage. “Händel 4 Kids!” drives around Göttingen with it and invites you to take part in concerts on playgrounds and green spaces – always on the lookout for locations where there is no concert hall. So the concert stage comes to your doorstep and lets you share in the fascination of live concerts. Everyone is welcome to experience a musical adventure together!


10.30 am
Nachbarschaftszentrum Grone

12. am Weststadtzentrum

14.15 am Nachbarschaftszentrum Holtenser Berg

15.45 am Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Admission free

Maja Hilke Programming

Carolina Löwenstein Presenter


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