Recap 2023

Semele family version

© Marco Buehl
12:00 pm | May 28th, 2023 | ~ 75 min
Deutsches Theater Göttingen

“Can an opera performance be laid-back as well, and even funny? It sure can!” enthuses Per Schröter of the HNA when praising this past Festival's family version of the opera. And that is exactly what the Handel 4 Kids! series is aiming for this year as well, when none other than the story of Semele will be retold for the whole family. Parties, tasty food and trinkets fill beautiful Semele's day. She lives in a castle in the air that belongs to her beloved Jupiter. But watch out, Semele! The next ambush is already in store for the beauty, targeting her greatest weakness: her humanity. Will Semele recognize the deception soon enough or will the entire situation end in a catastrophe? Best you come along with your whole family and find out for yourself!

Solist:innen der Festspieloper

FestspielOrchester Göttingen

George Petrou Musical Director

Juri Tetzlaff Presenter

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