Recap 2023

Sergey Malov

Sergey Malov © Julia Wesely
11:00 am | May 21st, 2023 | ~ 100 min
Aula der Universität Göttingen

Sergey Malov and Irina Zahharenkova interweave sonatas by Handel with sonatas by Bach. In their concert, they not only juxtapose the baroque masters, but also two instruments: violin and violoncello da spalla. The latter looks like a small cello that is hung around the neck with a strap. The strings are then played with a bow in front of the chest. This looks unusual to today's audiences, but it is a fantastic way to explore the sound of another century. In our day, only a few have mastered this instrument – and Sergey Malov is considered one of the best.

He will play the Handel sonatas HWV 372 and 373 on the violin, the others on the violoncello da spalla. Time enough to discover the warm and blissfully sonorous sound of this historic string instrument in all its facets.

Bach Sonaten 1-3 (BWW 1027-1029)

Händel Sonaten (HWV 372-373) & Sonate für Cembalo concertato und da spalla

Sergey Malov Violoncella da spalla, violine

Irina Zahharenkova Harpsichord

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