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Hall of Fame | Lokhallentag

© Mirko Plha
11:00 am | May 27th, 2023 | 90 min
Lokhalle Göttingen

An exploratory tour in the morning kicks off the day. For this tour, we will first switch off the lights: Passing through the darkened expanse of the large Lokhalle, the path leads us along massive steel beams, past barren brick walls to an illuminated concert site. There, the first ensemble of the day will await you. In the dark expanse, there is no doubt that other ensembles are also expecting you. But how many of them are there, and what will you be listening to? In the truest sense of the term, we shine the focused spotlights on specific concert sites within the dark hall.

Brilliant voices, shimmering strings and radiant wind instruments are there to be discovered. They resonate where loud hammering, steam locomotive work and hard labor used to take place. What a contrast between raw industry and refined music! The short tour takes you to various concert stations, but you won't be alone. Host Juri Tetzlaff will guide and entertain you through the program and the hall. Of course, we won't tell you in advance what there is to discover. That way, you can immerse yourself in the sound intuitively and without preconceived ideas. Just this much: you may have already encountered one or two of the musicians during the Festival.

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