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Plucked Bach

© Silvia Meo
5:00 am | May 29th, 2023 | ~ 60 min
Wellenreiter, Seeburg

Who wouldn't want to be woken up by this music? When Alon Sariel reaches for his instruments, the sun comes up. Really! In the trailer to his CD, the sky slowly turns pink, the surf gently surges as he fluidly switches from lute to oud to baroque guitar. “Like medicine!”, a YouTube user commented.
In his album entitled "Plucked Bach", the plucking artist has gathered his own arrangements of the famous cello suites, which in turn inspired him to write a partita for mandolin. In Seeburg, Alon Sariel takes a very personal journey through these and other Bach works that have influenced him over the decades and will continue to accompany him “until my dying day”. Sariel's own touch makes Bach's music shine in fresh pastel colours. Mint green, peach or lilac – one can hardly dapple the past awake any more gingerly.

Bach Suiten (BWV 1007, 1008, 1010, 1012) & Toccata d-Moll (BWV 565)

Sariel Mandolin Partita

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Alon Sariel Mandolin, Lute, Baroque guitar, Oud

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