Ensemble Masques & Sarah Romberger

Nine German Arias

Ensemble Masques © David Symyn
7:00 pm | May 17th, 2024 | ~ 100 min
St. Paulus-Kirche

The Nine German Arias rise like a single rose out of Handel’s operatic bouquet. In the 1720s, when he had already been living in England for more than ten years, the composer was celebrated primarily for his Singspiele. Yet in his quiet chamber, he devoted himself to the poems of his contemporary Barthold Heinrich Brockes from Hamburg, as if he wanted to pay a gentle tribute to his mother tongue and fatherland: bubbling springs, floral scents and God’s praise emanate from the texts, which Handel finely penned solely for soprano, a solo instrument and continuo accompaniment.

Sarah Romberger imparts a warm radiance to the calm and joyous praise to creation. Her unique vocal range is gracefully enveloped by the Ensemble Masques. The international cast, comprising six string and keyboard professionals, has a soft spot for baroque music from Germany. And as is so often the case, a perspective from afar helps to recognize the beauties that lie in wait right on our doorstep.

Works by Georg Friedrich Händel

Sarah Romberger Mezzo-soprano

Ensemble Masques
Julien Martin Recorder
Jasu Moisio Oboe
Tuomo Suni Violin
Miguel Bonal Bass viol
Olivier Fortin Harpsichord

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