Good Morning, George!

Ernst Puschmann © Burkhard Scheibe
10:00 am | May 10th, 2024
St. Jacobi-Kirche

Premiere! Just as we greet the new dawn at Festival time – each day a little different, much like a kaleidoscope – this year we greet the first “Good Morning, George!” with the sounds of a carillon instead of a glockenspiel above the city’s glistening rooftops.

Right in time for the 600th anniversary of the tower’s oldest bell last June, the glockenspiel was successively extended by a second octave and may now be called a carillon. This puts it in good Handel City company alongside carillons in Halle and London. It was inaugurated at the St. Jacobi parish bell festival, and at the Handel Festival it will be inaugurating our Festival season.

A good morning all around, and good morning, George!

10.5. 10 am

13.5. 10 am

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Admission free

Ernst Puschmann Carillon

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