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Music for two: birds in flight

11:00 am | May 12th, 2024 | ~ 100 min
Aula der Universität Göttingen

Hummingbirds can flap their wings fifty times per second when hovering. That is faster than the eye can follow, which is why the fluttering is not visible, but audible – as a bee-like buzzing. Dorothee Oberlinger and Erik Bosgraaf, two of the greatest recorder virtuosos of our day, imitate this phenomenon in their concert with the quite lively Schlaflied für einen Kolibri (Lullaby for a Hummingbird) by their contemporary, Markus Zahnhausen. In terms of virtuosity, the two are in no way second to the swift little birds: their fingers flit across the finger holes, taking the listener’s breath away.

Their duo program also features dreamy melancholy, such as an arrangement of Handel’s famous aria Lascia ch’io pianga. In combination with the moderation by both of the musicians, the performance promises to be colourful and light as a feather – as if made for this year’s Festival Kaleidoscope.

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jacob van Eyck, Giuseppe Giamberti, Erik Bosgraaf, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Giuseppe Sammartini, Markus Zahnhausen

After the concert: Meet the Artist over a glass of wine.

Dorothee Oberlinger Recorders
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