Recap 2024

Rolling George (Region)

rolls across the region

2:00 pm | May 2nd, 2024
Am Bürgerpark, Adelebsen

If you want to find out how this year’s Handel Festival’s going to roll, the way to do it is at the beginning of May at Rolling George: the mobile musical festival stage for pop-up concerts in Göttingen and the region. Right up close to the audience, open air, moderated and free of charge. The Festival starts soon! And this year, the horn quartet “da caccia” will be rolling out the red carpet in preparation for the Festival opening.

2.5. 12.00 pm Kirchplatz, Hann. Münden

2.5. 14.00 pm Am Bürgerpark, Adelebsen

3.5. 10.00 am Kurpark, Bad Lauterberg

3.5. 11.45 am Skaterplatz am Juessee, Herzberg

3.5. 15.00 pm Parkplatz THIMM, Northeim

4.5. 10.00 am An der Marktkirche, Einbeck

4.5. 12.15 pm Marktstraße, Duderstadt (tbc.)

Admission free

Horn ensemble “da caccia”
Claudia Pallaver Horn
Guillermo Perez Horn
Caroline Renz Horn
Tomasz Grochalski Horn

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