Rolling George

rolls 4 Kids

12:00 pm | May 5th, 2024 | ~ 30 min

The four in “Handel 4 Kids” also stands for the wheels that roll Rolling George (our mobile musical stage) to the children before the actual Festival begins, always on the lookout for places with no concert hall but a curious audience.

On May 5 in Göttingen “4 Kids”, and from May 2 to 4 for young and old in the region. The Festival starts soon! And this year, the horn ensemble “da caccia” will be rolling out the red carpet in preparation for the Festival opening. And then: only four more sleeps! Fourteen till Children’s Day. The Festival celebrates its own Advent – in the middle of May! And if we are allowed to do that, so are you.

10.30 am Nachbarschaftszentrum Grone

12.00 pm Egelsbergschule

2.15 pm Nachbarschaftszentrum Holtenser Berg

3.45 pm Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Hornensemble „da caccia“
Joana Mateu Horn
Ursula Weber Horn
Isabel Hunter Horn
Tomasz Grochalski Horn

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