Recap 2024

Work and patchwork

Multiple authorships in the 18th century

3:00 pm | May 10th, 2024 | ~ 60 min
Historische Sternwarte

In 18th century music, the “work” is central, with a link to a specific composer and with clear attributions. Particularly in opera however, such allocations are somewhat questionable because of the many unknowns associated with the performance situation. They extend far beyond minor details.

The situation is even more ambiguous when it comes to arrangements of other people’s works, joint ventures or the practice of “pasticcio”, which plays an important role in Handel. Here, several authors are deliberately combined – and by no means out of uncertainty. As perplexing as this may seem at first, it reveals a “different” side of the 18th century – which will be explored in more detail in the lecture.

Lecture in German

Admission free

Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken, Zürich

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