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Almiras Songbook

A musical portrait of Handel’s first heroine

Almira – a unique figure in Handel’s oeuvre and the heroine of his first opera. A journey through the centuries, and through disparate historical worlds creates a musical portrait of the Spanish Queen. At the same time, it opens a window on Spain’s multifaceted music from the Middle Ages up to the 18th century. Almira’s profound journey into her own past bridges the gap to the repertoire of past centuries and also manifests Handel’s extraordinary musical creativity.

The concert venue is accessible with help. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.

The concert will be recorded by NDR Kultur and broadcast on June 30, 2019, 10 pm.

In cooperation with the Handel Festival Halle



Almiras Songbook

A musical portrait of Handel’s first heroine

23 May
7 pm
Aula der Universität
Duration approx. 100 min.


Seconda Prat!ca

Olalla Alemán Soprano – Almira, Queen of Castile
Maria Bayley Soprano – Almira, Memory of Castile, Claveciterium, harp, harpsichord 

The Queen’s Singers
Sofia Pedro
Lucia Caihuela Alto 
Emílio Aguilar Tenor
João Paixão Bass

The Queen’s Minstrels
Asuka Sumi
Lucia Giraudo Violin 
Julie Stalder Viola da Gamba
Paul Kieffer Lute, baroque guitar, theorbo

Chiefs of Music
Jonatan Alvarado 
Baritone, flutes, artistic direction 
Nuno Atalaia Tenor, vihuela, lute, baroque guitar, musical direction