May 20–June 1, 2020


Händel goes Impro: Giulio Cesare

Egypt, 2020. A German couple meets an Englishman. A mysterious incident occurs and suddenly the female tourist is Cleopatra and the Englishman a singing Caesar – and we find ourselves in Giulio Cesare in Egitto … A German-English improvisation show featuring Zvi Emanuel-Marial.

Händel goes Impro: Giulio Cesare

Händel goes Impro: Giulio Cesare

13 March 2020
8 pm
Duration: approx. 100 min.
Aula am Waldweg


Zvi Emanuel-Marial Countertenor

Stefan Graën
Katrin Richter
Lars Wätzold
Michael Zalejski – Piano 

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