May 20–June 1, 2020


Cancelled | Händel goes Pop: Radamisto

In 2018 our format ‘Handel goes Pop’ celebrated its premiere. For our anniversary year, the ensemble Virévolte is embracing Handel’s Radamisto. With their familiar virtuosity, the quartet is combining arias from the opera with classics by other composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner and Franz Schubert, as well as pop music by Barbara, Queen and Prince.

Cancelled | Händel goes Pop: Radamisto

Cancelled | Händel goes Pop: Radamisto

21 May 2020
10.15 pm
Duration: approx. 80 min.
Altes Rathaus, Göttingen
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Ensemble Virévolte:
Aurore Bucher Voice
Emilien Veret Clarinet
Jérémie Arcache Violoncello
Pierre Cussac Accordion
Ludovic Montet Santour, Percussion

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