May 20–June 1, 2020


EEEmerging+: Palisander

Handel concocts this romantic drama of intrigue concerning a legendary Neapolitan Queen against a fictitious historical background. The Palisander Ensemble has arranged the interwoven storylines of the musically diverse opera Partenope as a recorder quartet. In a semi-staged production, the four musicians take the roles of the Queen and her three suitors.

Coach transfer from the Göttingen Stadthalle
Departure 10am
The coach back to Göttingen departs approx. 20 min. after the concert ends.
€ 8 (ticket sales)

EEEmerging+: Palisander

EEEmerging+: Palisander

31 May 2020
11 am
Scheune, Gut Sennickerode
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Katie Cowling – Recorders
Lydia Gosnell – Recorders
Miriam Nerval – Recorders
Caoimhe de Paor – Recorders

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