May 20–June 1, 2020


Giustino (HWV 37)

In Handel’s scenic opera Giustino, the simple ploughboy Giustino experiences exciting adventures and slays a dangerous monster. By virtue of this heroism, at the end he is even crowned Emperor, and wins the hand in marriage of his predecessor’s sister.
In line with Göttingen’s puppet-theatre tradition, a scenic opera by Handel is now being staged with marionettes for the first time. For more than 200 years now, the world-famous Milan-based marionette ensemble Carlo Colla e Figli has been pulling the theatrical strings. Together with the lautten compagney BERLIN and singers, the puppeteers lend Handel’s magical music a light-footed charm, and in conjunction with the imaginative scenery make this opera a very special experience for young and old alike.

Recommended from 12 years.

Giustino is a co-production of the Halle Handel Festival, the Stadttheater Schaffhausen, Associazione Grupporiani – Mailand, Comune di Milano – Teatro Convenzionato and lautten compagney BERLIN (2017).

Coach transfer from the Göttingen Stadthalle
Departure 3.30 pm
The coach back to Göttingen departs approx. 20 min. after the concert ends.
€ 8 (ticket sales)

Giustino (HWV 37)

Giustino (HWV 37)

31 May 2020
5 pm
Duration: approx. 3 hrs
Stadthalle Osterode am Harz
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Lawrence Zazzo Countertenor – Giustino
Myrsini Margariti  Soprano – Anastasio, La Fortuna
Hanna Herfurtner Soprano – Arianna
Julia Böhme  Alto – Leocasta
Andreas Post  Tenor – Vitaliano
Florian Götz Baritone – Amanzio, Polidarte, Voce di Dentro

Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla e Figli, Milano

lautten compagney BERLIN
Wolfgang Katschner Musical director

Eugenio Monti Colla Staging
Franco Citterio Lighting
Tiziano Marcolegio Technical director

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