September 9–19, 2021


Giustino (HWV 37)

Farmer wants a wife? Not at all: She is simply handed over to the title character after his victory over a dangerous monster; Giustino's heroic deed not only wins him the imperial crown, but also the hand of his predecessor's sister. For the first time in the long history of the Göttingen International Handel Festival, a Handel opera will be staged with puppets, in keeping with local puppet theater tradition. The world-famous puppet company Carlo Colla e Figli has been making puppets dance for over 200 years. Together with the lautten compagney Berlin, the fairytale-like music of the opera is imbued with a nimble charm - combined with the imaginative stage design, this is an opera experience for the whole family!

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Corona information

Right on time for the start of the Festival, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) takes effect at all events. Please bring either a negative rapid test, a proof of complete vaccination or a proof of recovery. Proof of recovery is considered to be, for example, a PCR test that is at least 28 days young and no more than 6 months old. Arriving early to the events and having your documents ready will then ensure, that the event starts on time. Otherwise, the general hygiene rules of Niedersachsen apply on all events – please wear your mask until you reach your seat.

Giustino (HWV 37)

Giustino (HWV 37)

5 pm
Duration: approx. 3 hrs
Stadthalle Osterode am Harz
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Wolfgang Katschner  - Musical Direction

Eugenio Monti Colla (†) - Production

Franco Citterio - Lighting

Tiziano Marcolegio - Technical Direction

Soloists: Lawrence Zazzo, Myrsini Margariti, Hanna Zumsande, Julia Böhme, Andreas Post, Florian Götz

Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla e Figli

lautten compagney BERLIN

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