September 9–19, 2021


Handel goes Tango

Il Pastor fido

Glorvigen Trio is made up of violinist Daniela Braun, namesake Per Arne Glorvigen on bandoneon and double bassist Arnulf Ballhorn. Together with soprano Susanna Wolff, they mix intrigue and despair from Handel's Il pastor fido with the passion of the Argentinian tango. The result is an irresistible mix that, for all its passion, still captures the astonishing similarity between these supposedly very different genres. Embark on a journey full of fascination and extraordinary sounds!

Please note: In contrast to former announcements there will be no Shuttle-Service from Deutsches Theater Göttingen to the venue! Instead, the Busses from the GöVB will take you reliably from place to place. Please find the timetables here!

Together for Pleasure!

Corona information

Right on time for the start of the Festival, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) takes effect at all events. Please bring either a negative rapid test, a proof of complete vaccination or a proof of recovery. Proof of recovery is considered to be, for example, a PCR test that is at least 28 days young and no more than 6 months old. Arriving early to the events and having your documents ready will then ensure, that the event starts on time. Otherwise, the general hygiene rules of Niedersachsen apply on all events – please wear your mask until you reach your seat.

Handel goes Tango

Il Pastor fido

Handel goes Tango

Il Pastor fido

7.30 pm
Duration: approx. 80 min
Aula Freie Waldorfschule Göttingen
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Susanna Wolff - Soprano

Glorvigen Trio

Daniela Braun - Violin

Per Arne Glorvigen - Bandoneon

Arnulf Ballhorn - Double Bass

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