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FOG im Fokus: Oboe Band

No Handel opera or oratorio sounded complete without the double reeds. Little is known, however, of just how complete the double reeds or ‘oboe band’ can sound without the rest of the 18th century orchestra. FOG’s very own Oboe Band demonstrates (with Baroque compositions especially for the double reed group by, amongst others, Fasch and Zelenka) these instruments’ immense contribution. When performing French dance suites for the masques, more sombre motets for the church or virtuosic sonatas, the double reeds were as indispensable then as they are today.

The venue is barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility please see the overview.


11 May
10 pm
St. Marien-Kirche
Duration approx. 70 min.


Oboe Band
Susanne Regel - Oboe
Kristin Linde - Oboe
Rhoda Patrick - Bassoon
Stephan von Hoff - Bassoon
Alon Sariel - Lute