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Händel ambulant: Paul Hopwood & Fernando Aguado

With ‘Händel ambulant’, the Festival looks to break new ground again in 2018: the new format with live streaming to the wards of the Neu-Mariahilf hospital is part of the Festival programme for the first time this year. The good acoustics in the hospital’s own chapel make it possible to transmit the concert of tenor Paul Hopwood and Fernando Aguado at the piano. This ensures that even the patients who are not able to leave their beds can enjoy the Festival fully.

In cooperation with the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Göttingen-Weende.

The venue is fully barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility please see the overview.


Händel ambulant: Paul Hopwood & Fernando Aguado

16 May
7 pm
Kapelle Neu-Mariahilf
Duration approx. 70 min.


Paul Hopwood Tenor

Fernando Aguado Piano