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Münsterkirche St. Alexandri


The Minster Church of St. Alexandri stands in the northern part of the old town of Einbeck, formerly one of the hanseatic cities. It is a towering and architecturally impressive place of worship and was constructed on the site of an already existent manor in the 11th century as a monastery church of the Collegial Foundation established by Dietrich II of Katlenburg. The church can be considered a point of departure for the town’s further development. It took more than 200 years for the Minster to be completed. Among the attractions to be found inside the building are the main altar and the round Gothic candle holder (depiction of the holy city of Jerusalem with its twelve gates).

Stiftplatz 8, 37574 Einbeck

Public transport

Bus routes 235, 250, 253, 540 Bus stop ‘Langer Wall’

Bus routes 254, 259, 275 Bus stop ‘Neues Rathaus’

Parking availability

There are some parking places by the church. In addition, a small number of further parking places are available in the side streets.

Photo top: Interior view by Steffen Schmitz / CC BY-SA 3.0.
Photo overview: Exterior view by Ulrike Hastedt.

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