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St. Nicolai-Kirche

Herzberg am Harz

The St. Nicolai church stands in the town’s oldest street, the historical Junkernstraße, and is the third church to have been erected exactly on this site. The building is constructed of Harz greywacke stone, while inside, the building features black wooden columns that stand in contrast to the otherwise bright colouring of the interior.

Junkernstraße 21, 37412 Herzberg am Harz

Public transport

Bus routes 451, 454 Bus stop ‘Heidestraße/EMA-Schule’

Regaional train R8 station ‘Schloss’

Parking availability

A small number of parking places are available in the side streets.

Photo top and overview by Daniela Wensel.

The access to the venue is barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.