September 9–19, 2021

Digital Festival 2020

May is and remains Handel time!

We would have liked to celebrate our centenary with you in the next few days. But since this was not possible, we’ve put together a programme with our great artists. We want to give you, our audience, at least a little consolation to shorten the waiting time until next year, when we will all hopefully see each other again in good health.

Artists of this year's Festival have recorded short musical contributions at home or opened their archives for you. Tobias Wolff has made digital appointments with interesting conversation partners for some talks. From 20 May to 1 June 2020, we presented an artistic contribution in the morning and entertaining discussions in the evening, supplemented by a few specials, including the virtual lecture by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandberger.

So that you can continue to enjoy them, the videos will remain available online – here on this website below, on »Facebook and on our »YouTube-channel.

Are you looking for a specific video to watch? The original schedule shows you at a glance what was on and when and takes you straight to the individual articles.

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