September 9–19, 2021

Digital Festival

May is and remains Handel time!

From 20 May onwards, we presented many new videos every day. You will find them not only on »Facebook and on our »YouTube channel, but also here on our website. All videos released can be found on the main page of the Digital Fesitval.

We hope you enjoy it!


20 May

7.30 am     Christina Gansch (Rodelinda) and Martina Fiedler (to the article)
6 pm          Festival Special: Film to the exhibition “Händel_Göttingen_1920” (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk (in German): Dorian Dreher and Hsuan Huang (directing team) (to the article)

21 May

7.30 am     EEE+ Palisander (to the article)
8.30 pm     In bed with … Anna Dennis (to the article)

22 May

7.30 am     Emily Fons (Ariodante) (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk: Samir Savant, London Handel Festival (to the article)

23 May

7.30 am     EEE+ Cembaless (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk (in German): Andrea Rechenberg, Städtisches Museum Göttingen (to the article)

24 May

7.30 am     From the FOG: Anne Schumann (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk (in German): Peter Overbeck, Händel-Gesellschaft Karlsruhe e. V. (to the article)

25 May

7.30 am     Glorvigen Trio (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk (in German): Christian Firmbach, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (to the article)

26 May

7.30 am      EZIO: Game of Rome (to the article)
6 pm           Festival Special: Philipp Bremer and the Festival vine (Talk in German) (to the article)
8.30 pm      In bed with … Konstantin Busack (Talk in German) (to the article)

27 May

7.30 am      From the FOG: Kathrin Sutor (to the article)
11.00 am    Festival Special: Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla e Figli und lautten compagney BERLIN (to the article)
8.30  pm     Handel Talk (in German): Clemens Birnbaum, Handel Festival Halle (to the article)

28 May

7.30 am      Handel goes Tinder (to the article)
8.30 pm      Handel Talk (in German): Tadashi Endo (to the article)

29 May

7.30 am     Handel goes Impro (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk: William Berger (to the article)

30 May

7.30 am     Anna Dennis (to the article)
12.00 pm   Festival Special: “Handel und wir?” Lecture by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandberger given in German (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk: George Petrou (to the article)

31 May

7.30 am     Nicholas McGegan (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel Talk: Nicholas McGegan (to the article)

1 June

7.30 am     Laurence Cummings (to the article)
8.30 pm     Handel-Talk: FestspielOrchester Göttingen (to the article)
10 pm        Dernière: FestspielOrchester Göttingen and Handel’s “Air” from Water Music (to the article)

Programme changes and additions reserved.

Even though our Digital Festival has to operate almost without a budget and the artists do not ask for a fee for their contribution, we welcome any amount of money to support our artists. With the funds raised from donated tickets and direct donations, we try to remunerate the artists of the 2020 Festival for work already done, such as programme conception and rehearsal work, and, if possible, also to pay a cancellation compensation.

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All videos have been pre-produced and can be watched even after the given time during the whole Festival period (availability of Festival Specials may vary). The videos are not live broadcasts.

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