September 9–19, 2021

CANCELLED: Händel goes Impro: Giulio Cesare

What is it about Cornelia that Curio finds so irresistible? Why does Parnassus open at the very moment when Caesar is waiting for Lydia, who is actually Cleopatra? Where did Achilla get the signet ring, which he gives Sextus when he dies? These and other questions that Handel raised in his famous opera are finally answered. Countertenor Zvi Emanuel-Marial and the Comedy-Company invite you to attend an opera lesson and answer all those questions that have been nagging
away at you for years. Almost the entire evening is improvised on the basis of contributions from the audience. Discover some amazing and insanely funny scenes, arias and anecdotes from Handel’s classics.

Zvi Emanuel-Marial Countertenor

Stefan Graën
Katrin Richter
Lars Wätzold
Michael Zalejski – Piano 

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