September 9–19, 2021

Cancelled | Rodelinda (HWV 19) – Premiere

It was she who started it all in 1920: Rodelinda, the sensitive, loving wife who remains faithful to her husband even in (supposed) death. She is the title heroine of the opera by Handel that served as the foundation for the Festival’s history. With an expressionist stage design by Paul Thiersch, and Christine Hoyer-Masing as director, the first revival of one of Handel’s operas was firmly anchored in the current age. Nevertheless – or precisely for this reason – it was also a groundbreaking moment in the history of music: the rediscovery of Handel’s operas after almost 200 years by Oskar Hagen and a group of allies revolutionised the opera repertoire around the world and launched the ‘Göttingen Handel Renaissance’.
The footsteps in which Dorian Dreher und Hsuan Huang are following – as the team of directors who were selected as winners of the Competition for Directing Teams– will be truly historic when they stage their version of Rodelinda at the Deutsches Theater Göttingen 100 years later. Although the war in Lombardy, as the setting of the opera, has no immediate connection with us, the story has many references to the present day with its intrigues of love, jealousy, blackmail and ‘fake news’. This opera is a veritable musical ‘delicacy’: at the height of his mastery in 1724/25, Handel composed one of his most powerful works.

Pre-performance talk german and english

5 pm
Aula of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium (dt.), DT-X Keller (engl.)
Free entrance with a valid ticket for an opera performace

The venue is barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility. Please see the overview.

Christina Gansch Soprano - Rodelinda
Christopher Lowrey Countertenor - Bertarido
Thomas Cooley Tenor - Grimoaldo
Franiska Gottwald Mezzo-soprano - Eduige
William Berger Baritone - Garibaldo
Owen Willets Countertenor - Unulfo

Laurence Cummings Musical director

Dorian Dreher Stage director
Hsuan Huang Stage and costume designer
Markus Piccio Lighting designer

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