May 12–22, 2022

Cancelled | Spirto amato

Metamorphoses of Handel’s Poro

The story goes that all of London was humming the melodies of Handel’s Poro after just a week. Whether it was the baroque master’s composition that they enjoyed so much, or rather the appearance of Senesino, who was the public’s darling, is anyone’s guess. What is certain, however, is that the dramma per musica about the generosity shown by Alexander the Great to the King of Pauravas in India, who had been defeated several times, enjoyed great success in London in the year 1731. Poro was performed in Göttingen for the first time in 1957.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary, organist Stefan Kordes and dancer/choreographer Tadashi Endo have prepared something very special: an adaptation of the piece for organ and butoh dance awaits you in the St. Jacobi church.
Those who miss the performance in Göttingen will have a second opportunity on May 24 in the Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis in Hanover.

The venue is accessible with help. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.

Tadashi Endo Butoh dance
Stefan Kordes Organ, piano

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