September 9–19, 2021

Cancelled | EZIO: Game of Rome

HipHOpera nach HWV 29 | School performance

EZIO: Game of Rome is one of the biggest projects in the anniversary programme as well as the largest youth opera project in the history of the Festival. The approximately 100 young people who will be appearing on the Lokhalle Göttingen stage in May 2020 have been working intensively on this HipHOpera production of George Frideric Handel’s Ezio.
The texts, stage design, props and costumes were created by other young people during the rehearsal process. It will be not only the project participants who have gained insight into an art form that is new to them, however, but also the young people in the audience. It is an insight that has relevance to their own world of experience and life. That is why there are two levels in EZIO. In the Game of Rome computer game, music teacher Maschke is the undefeated champion. Every time he plays, he succeeds in deposing Emperor Valentinian. But that is about to change. One of his students, Erik, swears revenge after being shown up in a (realworld) music lesson. Together with his friends, he plots to beat Maschke at his favourite game and snatch the title from him. So they log in, but soon they find that the boundary between the game world and reality begins to break down. The teenagers on stage further address issues that aff ect everyone, for example how do power structures and gender roles impact on society and on private life? Where do I fit in as an individual, and what kind of person do I want to be?

Sonja Elena Schroeder Stage director and costumes
Marc Mahn Set designer
Jan Hartling Choreography
Michele Müller
Wolfgang Adenberg Libretto
Benjamin Köthe Arrangements, composition 
Danny Fresh Song texts
Thomas Kirchberg Video
Nina de la Chevallerie Organisation

Konstantin Busack Valentinian
Merit Brüning Fiona
Jakob Büchner Erik
Pauline de la Chevallerie Emily
Daniel Hampe Udo Maschke
Lena Hespe Onoria
Alice Kamangar Fulvia
Barış Özbük Özgur
Jonas Paggen Emilio
Anna Maria Schmidt Massima
Linus Shastri Ezio

M Chor des Hainberg Gymnasiums and
Oberstufenchor der Georg Lichtenberg Gesamtschule
Sabine Hoppe, Birgit Ott
Chorus masters

Göttinger Dance Company

Bigband Jazztified
Uwe Meile
Orchestra master

Göttinger Symphonie Orchester

Bernd Ruf Artistic director

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