September 9–19, 2021

Cancelled | Händel goes Tinder

“Handel goes Tinder is a multimedia opera that is best described as ‘Sex and the City on steroids, enriched with 18th-century opera’.”

This is the explanation given by soprano Channa Malkin who partnered violinist Anastasia Kozlova in arranging this tragicomic drama. They are joined by guitarist Izhar Elias, double bass player Tony Overwater and harpsichordist Avinoam Shalev in a fast and furious stage rendition.
Dorinda, based on the figure of the shepherdess from Handel’s opera Orlando, embarks on a passionate search for true love that blurs the lines between lust, love, suffering and greed. She stands for all women who take on amorous and human challenges – and fail.
Singing, music and projection create something that can be described as a mixture of opera, comedy and club entertainment, once again showing that Handel’s work remains relevant to our times.

Channa Malkin Soprano 
Anastasia Kozlova Violin 
Izhar Elias Guitar 
Tony Overwater Violone
Avinoam Shalev Harpsichord 

Michael Diederich Stage director 

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