September 9–19, 2021

Cancelled | Laurence Cummings in Concert

Muzio Scevola

It was a wholly new experience for London in the year 1721 when as many as three composers were commissioned to write the same opera. The decision was taken in a draw: Filippo Amadei focussed on the fi rst, Giovanni Battista Bononcini the second, and George Frideric Handel the third act of the opera Muzio Scevola. The Festival’s Artistic Director, Laurence Cummings, is not only a gifted harpsichordist, he also has a wonderful tenor voice; he tells the love story between Muzio Scevola and Clelia in selected arias.

The venue is accessible with help. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.

Laurence Cummings Harpsichord

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